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Coco Gusto In The News - USPS Shipping Delays

Denver, CO - Coco Gusto was featured on a few different news stations this week, talking about the recent issues of shipping with the United States Postal Service.

Delayed Mail Impact on local colorado businesses

A group of states, including Colorado, are suing the U.S. Postal Service over major service cuts, and postal delays. They are asking a federal judge to immediately undo recent changes made by Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, saying the integrity of the upcoming election is at stake.

In a motion filed late Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Yakima, Wash., the 14 states asked the judge to restore or replace decommissioned sorting machines at processing facilities, to treat election mail as First Class mail, and to end the so-called “leave behind” policy, requiring that postal trucks leave at certain times, whether or not there is additional mail to load.

Wade Stembridge, Owner of Coco Gusto Artisan Chocolates

Nearly 200 Coloradans have reached out to the state's attorney general, letting him know how slowdowns with the mail have personally affected them or their businesses, but USPS said there is ample machinery to handle spikes in mail volume.

With elections around the corner, activists said if the USPS does not receive full funding, it could have detrimental outcomes on their mail service.

DeJoy has said handling election mail is the organization's top priority.

Chocolate gifts corporate, perfect to send chocolate gifts by mail

Colorado's Attorney General, Phil Weiser said “The goal of this lawsuit is enforceable oversight to make sure that all the changes that have happened under DeJoy’s leadership, get undone and stay undone. We cannot be playing games with our mail system. We depend on the postal service.”

Among those who have contacted Weiser is Wade Stembridge. He owns Coco-Gusto, an online hand-painted gourmet chocolate company.

Gourmet thank you gifts and chocolate for gift basket

He says 80% of his chocolate orders are shipped outside Colorado. Since the middle of May, he says, shipments that once took 1-3 days are taking 3-6 days.

“I’m getting melted packages and then I have to then reship those packages, now paying $60-$40 to get them sent overnight for a package that somebody only paid $27 for. So, not a great business plan when you’re spending more on chocolate than you’re actually making,” said Stembridge.

Thanks to Colorado's Attorney General, Channel 9 News, and CBS Denver 4 News for covering this story and for working to help out Colorado's small businesses.

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