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The Right Way to Eat Chocolate

Coco Gusto has been featured on the article: The Right Way to Eat Chocolate: Tips, Tricks and Treats From Five Local Chocolatiers.

Westword Magazine asked Five Colorado Chocolatiers for Tips, Tricks for The Right Way to Eat Chocolate.

"You can tell a lot about a chocolate before you ever put it in your mouth. The color and overall appearance can be indicative of its quality and characteristics. One look at the handsomely hand-painted chocolates from founder Wade Stembridge’s Denver-based Coco Gusto, and it’s clear that he understands the importance of eating with your eyes first. He explains that a good-quality chocolate “will have a glossy, smooth and even finish.” This is evidence that the chocolate was properly tempered, a temperamental process of heating and cooling chocolate at precise temperatures to ensure proper crystallization."

Other Chocolate Tasting Tips & Tricks

  • Good chocolate doesn't always have to be expensive. Ingredients, appearance, and taste are the three main components that will make up a good chocolate.

  • A good Chocolate product will have a glossy, smooth, even finish. If it has a matt finish, it probably has other vegetable fats, other than cocoa butter added to the composition.

  • When the chocolate breaks, you should hear a crack or a snapping noise. Texture/mouthfeel: The chocolate that I like best has creamy and smooth melting properties, as opposed to being muddy, chalky, or waxy.

  • There are many different types of cocoa grown in the world. The origin of the cocoa alone does not say as much about its quality, but a good chocolate is made from as few different types of cocoa as possible.

  • Have fun when you sample new chocolates and be sure to try Coco Gusto's latest flavors. Pay attention to what you’re tasting: What does it smell like? What is the mouthfeel? What flavor notes are you picking up?

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